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***********Annual General Meeting********

The delayed Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 6th at 2.30 before the monthly speaker. It will, of necessity, be held on Zoom. The relevant papers will be sent, by post, to all members who do not have an email address; those with an email address will be able to able to view and respond to the papers on a laptop/desktop, tablet or smartphone.

There is a need at the AGM to vote on a number of subjects. The difficulty of voting during a Zoom session means that we have to use alternative mechanisms this year. Different  mechanisms are needed for those able to vote online and those who receive the hard copy documents. The instructions for those receiving hard copy papers will be included in the pack, whilst those for online voting are explained in the instructions below. In the unlikely event that you wish to change your vote after listening to the  AGM proceedings then please contact the secretary at Please note that votes should be submitted 14 days before the AGM, Tuesday, 23rd March.

Voting instructions - Click HERE

Agenda - Click HERE

Minutes of Last Meeting - Click HERE

Chairman’s report - Click HERE

Treasurer’s report - Click HERE

Accounts 2019/20 - Click HERE

Election of Committee Members - Click HERE                                

****************Membership Renewal**********

Membership renewal will be take place in July 2021. Details on how this will be managed will be issued in due course. We hope that the lockdown will be eased by then, but we are not planning to meet in the Barn Hall before September and therefore there will be no ability to renew on the day as in previous years. Last year we simplified the renewal process to remove the need for stamped addressed envelopes and encouraged payment by bank transfer and were pleased that 45% of renewals were effected that way. Let's aim for 65% this year!

*************Chairman's Newsletter************

Each month a number of members seem not to receive the Chairman's newsletter. In some cases it is found in spam, in others it seems to have gone walkabouts, never to be seen again. It is, of course, the mechanism for booking attendance at the fortnightly Zoom meetings. As an alternative method, the links are also included in the 'Diary' section of the website, and the actual newsletter has been available in the 'News' section.  The newsletter will now be included in the 'Documents' section as this is an easier mechanism to retain the format of the original.  Copies of the January and February newsletter have been loaded.

***************Book Groups 1/2*****************

Book groups 1 and 2 have updated their group pages on the website with details the books read during 2020 and subsequently discussed on Zoom meetings. 


The table below shows upcoming meetings open to all members. The details of how to register are provided in the Chairman's monthly email and is a two stage process. The registration link will provide, by email,  a second link which is the link to be used on the day. A reminder is sent on the day before the meeting. Until further notice these meetings will be hosted on Zoom use on the day. In case the monthly email is missed, the registration link will in addition be provided in the detail section of the event - click on the blue event name in the table.

Event NameDateTimeDurationLocation
From Primordial Soups to Primates in Suits16 Mar 202114:301 hourZoom
Monthly meeting - Bowing to Tradition06 Apr 202114:302 hoursZoom
Steve Price Magician20 Apr 202114:301 hourZoom
Registered charity number: 1036386