Bookham and District U3A
Bookham and District University of the Third Age

These are the contact details for the Bookham U3A committee.

     Title                                                    Name                                                 Email

Chairman                                          Roger Mendham                   

Vice Chairman                                  Chris Middleton                    

Secretary                                          Gillian Arnold                         

Treasurer                                          Chris Pullan                           

Minutes Secretary                             Peter Clarke                          

Membership Secretary                      Pam Hyde                             

Groups Co-ordinator                         Mike Farrell                            

Assistant Groups Coordinator           David Hyde                            

Outings Coordinator                             tba                                      

Webmaster & Publicity                      Harold Reglar                                 

Newsletter                                         Maurice Baker  [Co-opted Member]

Social Events                                    Jan Dicker [Co-opted Member]    

Speaker Secretary                             Frank Cross